Site Visits

Site Visit

Volunteer members of the Wild Ones (Greater Baton Rouge Chapter) offer free, one-time site visits to help with home landscaping issues. The purpose of a site visit is to provide guidance, resources, and encouragement in establishing native plant communities. We do not offer landscape design services. 

If you would like some ideas on incorporating Louisiana native plants into your garden and around your home, we can help. However, remember we are a new group with a small number of volunteers; some are still working. We will acknowledge your request via email, but the site visit date will depend on volunteer availability and matching your schedule and theirs. We will limit the Site Visits to one or two per month until our volunteer numbers increase.

Request a Site Visit

We serve the Baton Rouge metropolitan area, and the number of site visits per month is limited based on the availability of volunteers. Please note we focus primarily on home and garden landscaping, with some exceptions.

Click below to send an email for more information. 

[email protected] (Greater Baton Rouge Chapter)