Seed Program

Native Seed Program

Wild Ones GBR is on a mission to collect local ecotype* seeds to create a seed library. The library works like this- people get seeds to grow plants and then when those plants make seed they return the seeds to the library for others to then grow plants.

* our ecosystem is the Mississippi Valley Loess Plains. It runs up along the east side of the Mississippi River all the way up through the state of Mississippi and beyond on the Tunica Trace.

Plants that evolved to these soil conditions and micro climate, also evolved alongside the insects that pollinate these plants as well as the butterflies and moths that use these plants as hosts. Our ecosystem food web relies on each organism being in its most favorable conditions.

Wild Ones members collect seeds from members private property, public right of ways and sites slated for construction (or destruction)

While the variety and quantities of our seed collection started small in 2022 it’s growing. Wild Ones has donated local ecotype seeds to native plant growers in the region. Soon you might be able to find them at these retailers.

If you’d enjoy being a part of this effort to support greater biodiversity that thrives in its natural ecosystem check us out at Join.

Ppwderpuff Mimosa – Mimosa strigillosa
Aquatic Rattlesnake Master – Eryngium aquaticum
Cliusterd Bushmint – Hyptis Alata
Great Blue Lobelia – Lobeloa Siphilitica
Smooth Bur Marigold – Bidens laevis
Winged Loosestrife – Lytrum alatrum