Native Plants

Clasping Coneflowers Dracopis amplexicaulis 
LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden

Native plants are nature’s birdfeeders, providing seeds and the insects these plants lure as fly-thru protein snacks. Native plants are also nature’s butterfly feeders. And insect feeders. These wildflowers have been providing food for wildlife here for thousands of years, and our wildlife has adapted to these American plants and now need them for food.

Non-native plants, by contrast, do not fit into the web of life as a food source. One of the culprits in our area is Ardisia. Coral ardisia has invaded and established many natural regions across Southeast Louisiana and is becoming a significant pest. Coral ardisia shades native seedling and understory plants, preventing their growth and development and disrupting native plant communities.

Planting the right plants lets you fill a shopping cart of food for nature. Many of these right plants are also pleasingly beautiful. Your yard can become an island habitat providing this food as a refuge in a sea of mowed lawns.

 Nature is something you can build, enjoy and share when you Join Wild Ones!

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